Now this is normally coming from someone when they’re new or funds are tight for whatever reason and of course we all know that the internet is a huge part of our lives nowadays – we’re all on google – on our iPhones, etc, etc.  And they’re really concerned that they don’t yet have a website and they’re wondering ‘should they’ have a website.  So there are few things I would say here.

Number 1

There are definitely cheaper, quicker, easier ways to get more clients quickly than having a website, if you are at the start of your business.  For instance, I think I did 3 whole years in my business before I had a website.  Mainly because I thought I couldn’t afford it.

Number 2

I had no clue how to even start the process of finding a website designer

Number 3

I wanted things done quickly.  So for me, I didn’t focus on having a website – I focused on things like joint ventures, referral programmes or things I could do where I could stand in front of people and talk because that’s what I’m good at and that’s what I like doing.  So is it essential to have a website to be successful in business? Absolutely not because I got myself to a high 6 figure business within about 3 years, not having any website.  Should in time, every business probably consider getting a website as and when funds allow and as and when you think it’s a good strategy to add into your other marketing strategies, well yeah, because we are very much an online community now, definitely.  

Do you need to spend a lot of money on a website? I wouldn’t say you need to spend a lot of money on a website but I would say avoid the free ones.  Free websites are free for a reason.  They’re not great – they’re not optimised in the right way.  At Fully Booked Formula we have a guy called David who is our specific website coach who has tried every single different layout and colouring and style to see what gets the best results.  All your website should do, or the number 1 thing it should do, is get people to leave their name, their email and their phone number to find out more about you and your services or maybe opt in for a free taster class or a free downloadable ebook or whatever it may be.  Everything else apart from that is secondary.  You know – the pretty pictures on your website, your gym timetable, your physio qualifications, whatever else you may have on there is far less important than capturing someone’s name, email and phone number.  

Having said all of that, there’s other ways of doing that without needing a full website.  We have a software called Clients Central which allows people just to put up 1 page websites very quickly, very cheaply and very efficiently, which does just as good a job if not better, than a full website does.

So my short answer (after all that rambling) is, do you need a website right now? No probably not.  Is it going to be your number 1 client generating, enquiry getting tool? Definitely not, no – it won’t be – that’s not really what websites do or what they’re for.  Things like lead pages and squeeze pages are better for that than websites are.  And thirdly, is it something you should consider longer term and should you get a professional to do it for you? Yes definitely.  You know, if you’re going to have a website out there you don’t want it to be a free one – they don’t work very well and sometimes they can do you more harm than good, actually.  You want to work with someone like our website coach, David, who can very much guide you in the correct way to do things, having tried and tested it with several thousand of his fitness, health and wellness professionals’ websites already.




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