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Let Me Show You In Person How to Quickly, Easily & Inexpensively Attract Dozens of New Clients to Your Business

Join me for six hours at a FREE (yes, really!) Get More Clients workshop and I'll give you the tools and know-how to easily get dozens of new clients who pay you what you're WORTH, so you can earn more while working less!

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Come To a One Day Event That Will Transform Your Business And Your Life!

Come spend six hours at a free Get More Clients marketing workshop run by Lucy Johnson!  Lucy has trained thousands of fitness, health and wellness business owners to easily attract more clients, make more money (while working less), and have lots of fun doing it!

Now, Lucy does offer more advanced paid coaching which she'll mention towards the end of the workshop - but - there's absolutely no obligation to upgrade whatsoever.

It's important to know that Lucy doesn't "hold back the good stuff" in these free workshops!

So even just by coming to the free workshop and then going home after that will still give you the tools and know-how to quickly and easily attract more clients, and even transform your business!

In fact, we have many case studies of business owners whose income dramatically increased within weeks (in some cases just days) of the free workshop.  So we truly believe that what you receive when you join us for a day is something that can transform your business (and your life) forever!

By Coming To a FREE "Get More Clients" Workshop You'll Get...

  • You'll discover how to choose the perfect client you want to work with - and - exactly how to attract them to your business quickly! It's very important that as a small business owner you don't try to be all things to all people, so you need to go niche. Choosing the right niche for you not only makes your working life much more fun, but also allows you to earn a lot more too! No more dealing with clients that don't appreciate you and don't want to pay you what you're worth!
  • You'll find out many ways to quickly attract new clients to your business. There's Facebook of course, but also many other approaches that can even work much easier and faster than Facebook, and in some cases can even fill up your classes (or book your one-to-one sessions solid) within just a few days.
  • You'll be given Facebook ads and campaigns that have been proven to work for fitness, health and wellness business owners. All you'll need to do is give these a bit of a tweak for your own business, and put them to work generating you new leads and clients.
  • Now this really is just the tip of the iceberg of what's covered in the six hours... We'll also cover email marketing, referral marketing, ways to maximise how much your clients spend with you, special offers, how to easily sell (without really selling), and MUCH more.
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"At this live event I will give you the tools and know-how to quickly and easily attract dozens of clients to your business that you love working with and that pay you what you're worth!

Lucy Johnson, Creator of the "Get More Clients" workshop for fitness, health and wellness professionals.

Here's Why You MUST Attend This Event

You're most certainly great at what you do, whether it's helping people get fitter, lose weight, get into healthy habits, teaching yoga, meditation... whatever it may be.  And being great at what you do really helps your clients, and can be the main reason clients stay with you for years.

However, really helping clients is only half of running a business, since if you're not attracting new clients to your business, sooner or later your business will wither and die.  Every business, however new or old, however big or small, consistently needs new clients.

And the problem is, when you start your business, no one tells you how to attract clients!  Unless you already come from a sales or marketing background, attracting people to your business, and turning those "interested strangers" into clients can be a real mystery.  And through trial and error you can eventually figure it all out, but that way you not only waste huge amounts of time and energy, but you can also waste huge amounts of money, and even lose your business entirely.

So that's why we run these workshops!  To give you the answers and tools you need to attract as many clients as you want to your business!  But, more importantly -- attracting clients you really like to work with and that are happy to pay you a great hourly rate, so you can earn more while working less.

  • Are you trying to attract any and all clients to your business, rather than focusing on one specific kind? Since you're a small business, it's vital you decide on the type of client you can really help and really want to work. You then attract that "ideal client" to your business. If you're not sure how to do that, don't worry... It's all covered in the workshop!
  • What's your High Value Gift and how does it help your business grow? If you're not sure what a "High Value Gift" is, it will be covered in detail at the workshop. In fact, this concept is one of the most important things you'll learn and can make all the difference between struggling every single month, and making more money than you ever have before.
  • Do you know how to really use Facebook to get as many clients as you could ever want? This will be covered in a LOT of detail at the workshop, but at the simplest level it's all about your Facebook page. Regularly posting great content to your page (that presents you as the expert you are), in combination with very targeted advertising can very quickly bring you a LOT of new leads and clients.
  • Know how to sell effectively, without really selling? Many business owners dread "selling" because they feel they need to be pushy. But in fact, if you're marketing effectively, selling can be incredibly easy! By attracting the right type of client to your business, they'll be very receptive to what you offer, and hardly any selling will be required since many people will come to you pretty much ready to buy!
  • Know how to get "cash on demand" from your business, even during the summer months? Regularly running special offers and presenting them to clients and prospects can bring in hundreds, even thousands of pounds in just a few days. In fact one of Lucy's clients Georgia Hall made £2,592 extra in just one week in the middle of summer following the advice Lucy teaches!
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About Lucy Johnson

Lucy worked in the fitness industry for many years but got progressively more disallusioned about how the fitness world doesn't really help personal trainers to succeed, but instead allows them to sink or swim all by themselves.  Which is one reason turnover in the fitness industry is high.

So Lucy disengaged from the fitness industry but was determined to help other fitness trainers like her.  So from study and trial and error she developed a system that any fitness, health or wellness business can use to attract many new clients quickly.

And this system has now been taught to thousands of small business owners and has generated hundreds of success stories.  For example - personal trainers have quadrupled their income in a few months, business owners have been able to work less while doubling their income, classes have filled up within just days...

By coming to a free workshop Lucy will rapidly get you up to speed with her three-step system for attracting as many great clients to your business as you could ever want!

Workshop Schedule

Here is a general schedule for the free Get More Clients workshops:


  • 9am – 9.30am – Registration and Networking
  • 9.30am – 12.30pm – Learn Lucy's easy to implement three-step system to get you 30 (or more) new clients in the next 90 days, or even much faster...
  • 12.30pm – 1.30pm – Networking Lunch ... It's strongly suggested you bring a packed lunch so that you don’t miss out on the networking and any Q and A sessions (plus free extra content) that may be taking place over lunch.
  • 1.30pm – 3.30pm – Even more in depth... in the afternoon you'll hear more about attracting dozens of new clients within the next 90 days (in fact, you may well be attracting new clients within just a few days after the workshop)
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What Previous Attendees Say...

Tim Smith Got 10 New Clients In 7 Days

Paula Gardiner Made An Extra £850 In Under 7 Days

Adam Alexander Made An Extra £357 Per Month

How Gloria Bartolome Ferre Generated 200 New Enquires

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event being taught by Lucy Johnson in person?

Yes, Lucy leads the workshop and shares in detail her three-step system for rapidly attracting new clients that you love to work with (and that pay you what you're worth), and for creating the business of your dreams.

Why is the workshop free?  What's the catch?

Good question!  There is no catch, but here's why it's free...

Lucy teaches that for almost any business, a High Value Gift (HVG) works incredibly well to generate new clients.  With a High Value Gift you give away something that's incredibly valuable to your ideal client.  This attracts new clients to you.

So Lucy's High Value Gift is... surprise, surprise... a free marketing workshop!  The workshop is entirely free, around six hours long, and gives you a huge amount of tools and know-how to help you attract more clients and grow your business.

Lucy does have more advanced coaching which she mentions at these workshops, and you may choose to become a client or hers, or you may not.  No obligation, and no problem at all either way.

There's no hard sell here, and even if you just come along for the free workshop, soak up all the information you can, and then leave and apply it to your business, that's great too!  🙂

Do I need to bring food?

We do not provide food, but it can be purchased in the hotel bar and locally of course. But we actually recommend you bring your own if you can since the lunch break (or dinner break for evening workshops) is a great networking opportunity, and we sometimes give away some extra bonus content then too.

Can I learn this stuff on my own?

Yes, you can. After all, that's what Lucy did. But it took nearly a decade of consuming all the marketing material she could and it worked out to be a VERY expensive and long-winded way of doing this.

You can instead short cut the whole process AND save a huge amount of hassle and frustration by coming to a workshop.

Can I bring a colleague, partner or friend in a similar industry?

Yes you can, but only if you think they could benefit from the event. There are thousands of health, wellness and fitness start-ups out there that NEED these strategies so be selective... if they are personal trainers, group exercise instructors, therapists, coaches or practitioners then they are certainly encouraged to attend.  You'll be offered the option to add a Plus One during the workshop registration process.

What If I Can't Attend… Can I Postpone?

You can, but it's possible there will not be an eligible ticket available for you to another workshop for at least the next 6-12 months. If you can make the date you've booked... you should so please choose a date carefully!


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