Hi there, it’s Lucy Johnson here and I’d like to spend some time talking about Social Media. I get asked a lot about social media and one of the prime questions is ‘Should I connect my Twitter with my Facebook? There’s the ability to link the two together – should I do that?’

There is a very simple answer.  Yes because it’s not going to do you any harm, but it probably won’t add that much value either.  In short, Yeah go for it if you can,  because it won’t matter if you do, but almost why bother, because it probably won’t get you any better results either way.’  I mean, if you’re using Facebook and it’s getting you clients, i.e. you are generating enquiries from using Facebook as a business marketing tool, great! Focus on continuing to do that and maybe check out some of our videos on Facebook marketing and how to get more clients from Facebook.   

Equally, if you’re using Twitter and you know that your ideal clients use Twitter and they’re seeing what you’re doing on Twitter and you’re getting enquiries from being on Twitter then great! Keep doing that! There’s no need to link the two things together.  It doesn’t give you any advantage.  It won’t do any harm but it’s not going to do you that much good either.  So my advice would be that if you’re getting enquiries from both, focus on both, if you’re getting enquiries from Facebook but not from Twitter just ditch Twitter for now and focus your attention over on Facebook, and the same vice versa.  Just because you have one, doesn’t mean you have to have the other.  

We do very well with Facebook because our typical ideal client does have a Facebook account and is using Facebook.  We tried using Twitter but it didn’t work very well for us, primarily because our typical ideal client doesn’t spend a lot of time on Twitter so we’ve now stopped using it.  I don’t want to put my effort and attention, money, time and energy into something that’s never going to work that well because it’s not typically where my ideal client spends their time.  I only want to do my marketing in places where my ideal client spends their time.  So if it’s not Twitter then I’m not going to do anything on Twitter.  If it’s not Facebook either then I’m not going to do anything there either.

I’m going to actually ask and communicate with people that fit my ideal client profile – the kind of people I want to attract into my business – I’ll discuss with them where they are spending their time.  Where they would see my marketing if I was to do it – is it in local magazines? Is it on Google? Is it on Facebook or Twitter? Is it on YouTube? Is it in certain media outlets? Is it in certain shops they go in? Is it on certain online networking sites? Is it in certain real life social events? I do my research first and this is a key thing we teach people who work with us at Fully Booked Formula.  

You can’t do any marketing until:

1 – You know who your ideal client is.  Age? Gender? What’s the challenge they have that you can help them with? What’s their work situation? Do they have kids under the age of 18, yes or no? Have they sought out solutions like yours before, yes or no? Once you know that, you find those people – whether they’re in your business already or whether they’re just people – that you can connect with.  

2 – Where are they.  Where do they hang out? What do they look at? Where do they go? What do they do? And it’s only once you know that, that you make decisions about where to do your marketing.

So that’s my answer to whether you should you link your Twitter and your Facebook. First of all you need to decide should you be doing either? Are you going to get enquiries there because your ideal clients spend time there?  You can link them up if that’s the case but you don’t need to.



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