Together we have over 100 years experience in the fitness, health and wellness industry! We know what works, and what doesn’t. As a member, if you’re ever in need of that extra bit of help, we’re always ready and willing to aid you in your path to achieving your goals


Lucy has worked with over 1,000 fitness, health and wellness businesses through her coaching programs in the last few years and several thousand through her free video marketing tips, free workshops and webinar trainings.

The reason the Fully Booked Formula curriculum works so consistently for its clients is because it only teaches business and marketing strategies that Lucy has tried and tested herself in her own business. These are strategies and formulas learnt from 5 years of starting with nothing to building a highly successful business with a great work life balance.

Lucy’s passion for helping fitness, health and wellness professionals and businesses started from having a failed wellness business herself that resulted in heavy debt and physical burnout in 2009. Since then she’s dedicated her business to educating fitness, health and wellness professionals how to get clear on their marketing, get confident in themselves and get more clients.

Lucy’s skills lie in allowing her clients to change their mindsets around what they are capable of and breaking down overwhelming subjects into step by step manageable tasks.

In addition, she is a master at enabling clients to take personal responsibility and change their own behaviour consistently to get the results they want and deserve in their life and business.


Mark has built multiple successful businesses from scratch using the foundations of the Fully Booked Formula methods in over 5 different industries during the 15 years since he left a high level corporate role and going self employed.

Mark’s skills lie in business growth strategies using the internet to generate multiple new sales every month whilst still balancing a ‘lifestyle’ that enables him and Lucy to live overseas and not be a ‘workaholic’ but still get great results for their clients.

During his time running multiple online businesses, some with over 10,000 websites generating revenues every month in Google, Mark has trained, tested and researched what actually works online in generating new sales for your business and put in a simple formula within the Fully Booked Formula curriculum.

He is dedicated in ‘lifestyle growth strategies’ that enable anyone to have a successful business and still have quality time for your family, hobbies and passions whilst the business still continues to grow in your absence.

Since joining the Fully Booked Formula 4 years ago Mark has enabled our clients to leverage such online platforms Facebook, Google and You Tube to generate a consistent supply of new clients for lower costs than traditional advertising using his step by step processes.

In addition, showing clients how to master relationship marketing via email and setting up online marketing campaigns Mark’s skills are built into the simple, yet powerful curriculum that himself and Lucy built to ensure every client gets results when implementing his strategies.

As a student at Fully Booked Formula, you will receive access to an extensive curriculum and coaching network throughout the course of your program, not only from Master Coaches Lucy and Mark, but also from our team of expert coaches, who have extensive experience in the fitness industry.


Nichola Curran is the Founder & Director of Evolve Leisure (Award winning training provider).

Nichola has built up her company from scratch in 3 years and it now specialises in working with fitpros who want to strengthen their knowledge and confidence in areas such as nutrition, hormones, training approaches, emotional eating and mindset techniques.

Nichola’s experience in the fitness industry spans over 24 years and roles include Aerobics Instructor, Personal Trainer, Studio Owner, Club Manager, Presenter, Corporate Health, Operations Manager for a GP referral programme (500 patients and 20 GP’s) Programme Manager for lifestyle, leadership & management initiatives in Schools

Nichola’s biggest achievement in her own business so far is taking it from zero to 6 figures in its first year, being awarded New Company of the Year in the local business awards and more recently moulding her business to fit her lifestyle rather than tying her to it.

Nichola’s strengths as a coach are in the strategic thinking and systems required to develop a business model that suits your lifestyle, finding opportunities to promote your business to your ideal clients and in particular how to write compelling wording to use both verbally and in written marketing materials (marketing and sales copy) to make sure you are speaking to the conversation going on in your clients head (speaking in their language). She also has a unique ability of sensing when a client is getting in their own way and is straight talking and to the point when it comes to how to stop it and so they can progress more quickly.



Jeni has been in the dance, wellness and fitness industry for over 25 years. During that time, she has run a premier successful dance school (over 600 pupils) and been a group exercise manager at major gyms and, most recently running her own Pilates business for the last 13 years. Currently she and her husband run two dedicated Pilates studios (with 350 clients). They now have 8 instructors, and an admin assistant with a sales manager coming early 2016.

As a coach, Jeni’s strengths are having “been there and done it”. She says, “I understand when people feel overwhelmed, help them gain focus, confidence, giving them bite-size jobs to get done, but most of all, belief in themselves to help them realise that anything is possible. I’m also great at keeping people accountable, I don’t forget :-).”

Jeni’s biggest achievement is growing her own company to a 6 figure turnover by helping people to live a happy and active life free from pain, aches and injury (and with that they are now about to move into a new bigger studio).

“Personal achievement is that I have faced my fears and done it anyway and become a better, brighter, happier version of Jeni!”



Juniors other strengths as a coach are pointing out what is working for his clients and showing them how to scale up so it can work even better, laying out the actions that need to be taken in a very methodical step by step manner and holding people accountable by giving them very clear instructions and deadlines for completion.

Juniors background is in Business Management, corporate marketing and data analysing. Having come from a corporate background initially he set up his own business in 2012 to help small business owners grow their business through marketing and clear systems. He runs his Brasil based business mostly from the UK allowing him flexibility and freedon to travel when he wants to. He makes great use of good team management to keep things moving in Brasil and online marketing strategies that can be used from anywhere to generate leads for any business in any country.

His biggest achievement in business to date is launching and running his Brasil based business whilst being based in the UK and cracking the “Facebook code” for his own business by generating 450 new leads in just 2 weeks. Consistency and analysing data are key for finding success with online marketing which is one of his main strengths as a business owner and a coach.


Nikki’s strengths as a coach are being able to understand what new business owners are going through, the highs the lows and reassuring them that they can do this. She’s great at helping clients unravel any fear and resistance around getting more clients and help them break down what they need to do int bite sized tasks to reduce overwhelm. She’s caring and intuitive but will hold you accountable and won’t let you off the hook.


Nikki Zachariou owns a dance company for adult women who struggle to find exercise they enjoy, just want to have fun, dance to their favorite tunes and feel super confident and sexy! It started off as a couple of classes after her day job and gradually she started to reduce my hours at the day job and went fully self employed in 2011.

Nikki’s biggest achievement is in the everyday life of her business. She only does what she loves, works the hours she wants to, helps other women and has a tribe of women who are growing in confidence and making new friends. On a personal level she’s super confident she can always fill her business with new clients when needed and multiply her business more than ever before using what she learnt whilst on Fully Booked Formula as a client and now as a coach.



As a coach her main strengths are showing her clients how to stop feeling overwhelmed, get super organised and effectively plan their business and marketing activities (prioritising what to do first) so the work that needs to get done actually gets done no matter how hectic the persons lifestyle.

Sarah works with women who suffer from life limiting back and joint pain and allows them to live their lives to their full without being let down by their bodies (using Pilates, Intrinsic Biomechanics and Personal Training as a base).

She’s worked in fitness, health and wellness for over 20 years and has vast experience in many fields including group exercise, management, team management, promoting fitness brands within the UK and of course running her own business. She’s been involved in running businesses since she was 13 so being in charge and taking responsibility for her own business comes naturally to Sarah.

Her biggest achievement to date in business is renting new studio space and be able to pay for this by tripling her prices (without losing any clients) within the first 7 days of launching at her new venue.


Lillian Larteys business has been running since 1999 and helps men and women to be healthier, fitter, stronger and have better bodies. She does this through educational talks, Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and Massage Therapy.

One of her biggest achievements in business to date is filming a 5-part series for Sky and being featured on national radio.


The main marketing techniques she uses to build her own business are based on where her natural strengths are and include doing talks and networking to invite people to a free HVG.

Her strengths as a coach are giving people a friendly kick up the bum when they need it (all done in love of course :)), mapping out how to get from where a client is to where they want to be, helping the client to stay focused on their set goal and recognising when there is a need to course correct and when to look after themselves and take time out if needed.



Her strengths as a coach are helping her clients to refocus and gain clarity on their goals and giving practical ideas for marketing their individual businesses and understanding how to do that consistently to get long term results. Just as in her own business, she’s passionate about boosting her clients’ confidence and self belief to help them achieve their own business goals.

Cerys Vaughan owns a dance company for children, which operates across Berkshire and the surrounding areas. She founded her business, Street Feet, in 2009 after having worked as a primary school teacher for 5 years. It started with just one class for under 7’s and has grown to nearly 20 classes for children aged 3-15. The ethos of the company is to help children build their self-esteem and get more confident through dance.

Cerys’ biggest achievement in business to date has been building a trusted team of 5 class instructors and a client care manager to run the business for her so that she has the freedom to travel and live wherever she chooses. As a result, she’s currently living in Thailand for half of the year while her company continues to operate as usual in the UK and make her money.



Mags started her journey as therapist and teacher 20 years ago. She uses her experience to help others to make positive life changes through workshops, coaching and therapies.

Her passion is inspiring others to be truly who they are and to give them the calm, confidence to make those changes. As a licensed Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ Teacher, Mags shares tried and tested techniques to enable others to find their passion and bring it into being. The work is practical and down to Earth.

Mags also has corporate experience in team management and field sales and has been fully self-employed since 2008.

Mags’ strength as a coach is that she is very strategic and will give you a step by step process to achieve what you want in your life and business. She will always give you the ‘why’ things need to be done. Being very spiritual and intuitive, she is strong on mind-set and Law of Attraction – get your mind-set in the right place and the rest will follow.



Eileen has been in the 20 years in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer & Nutritional Coach as is highly active and loves being with people.

After years of trying to get clients to change their diet, lifestyle habits and stick to their training plans she noticed that many people struggle to commit, find change hard and/or become de-motivated unless you are by their side (which is impossible when they may only see them once or twice a week). This ignited her passion to want to learn more about human behaviour – especially her own.

Eileen noticed in her own personal life that certain aspects she finds hard to change or to create the things that she wanted. She then flew to USA and invested heavily in learning about self-sabotage, how we struggle to represent ourselves, de-value our own skills and instead over give, overdo and often feel tired and un-filled.

Eileen’s strength as a coach is her experience of coaching hundreds of people over the last 9 years as Self Sabotage Coach – she has learnt what works and what doesn’t work, and especially to meet people where they are and to cheer, support and encourage whilst their road may be rocky or challenging.

Eileen says, “For me, everyone is GEM. The coaching that I offer helps each client to see that they are a GEM and their gifts, skills and talents are meant to be shared with the world.

My biggest achievement in business to date is: Waking up every day and loving what I do – and being FULLY BOOKED!!”



David started his own web design business after leaving a well-paid job as an international buyer.

David’s strengths are that he can break down and explain the process of successfully generating leads online in a way that is easy to understand. Unlike other web designers, he not only makes your online presence look professional, he also focuses on lead generation.

David says, “I was tired of working 9-5 and not having the flexibility to work how and when I wanted. Over the last 5 years the business has gone from strength to strength and we have created hundreds of websites, landing pages and membership sites for fitness pros which are generating leads and sales for them.

My biggest achievement in business is having created a business that allows me to work half as many hours as I did when I was employed but earn a lot more. I am also now able to spend a lot more time with my kids.”


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