Now, blogs are a funny thing.  And this is where I’m going to be fully transparent with you – I have a rule of only ever teaching what I have done myself or what we are currently doing within our business, ourselves.  I’m never going to teach you theory – I’m only ever going to teach you things that I have done – and I know, therefore they work.  Now we have never blogged – we have never had a blog in that sense.  And I guess that leads me to believe that you certainly don’t need one to get clients.  You know, we get more than 100 enquiries and opt-ins every single week and we don’t have a blog… so is it essential? No.  Could it be a big fat waste of your time doing it if you don’t know why you’re doing it? Yes. Do I see a lot of people actually get very indulgent with their blog and they spend you know, 2-3 hours writing their blog post…and I say, ‘Well, that’s great, you know.  Why did you do that? Was it to get new clients? Was it to develop your existing relationship with clients?’  And they have no idea! They say ‘I don’t know – it’s just you know, to get myself out there.’  And I guess what I would say to that is, there’s a lot of better ways to get yourself out there, I would suggest – certainly for our typical fitness, health or wellness client – than blogging.  


So the first thing you really want to be doing, rather than looking for a cut and dry yes or no answer to ‘Should I be blogging?’ is you really want to be looking at where would your ideal clients be and therefore where could you put your marketing to get their attention?  So what I mean by that is, unless your ideal client knows your blog exists already, in which case, you’re not going to generate new clients from blogging because they have to already know you’re there….or…if you are super duper good at ninja stuff like SEO and Google ranking and you’re going to get your blog to rank for certain keywords (which, if you’re as good at all that, you probably wouldn’t be watching this video anyway), what I would say is you need to actually look for places, easier to access that are where your ideal clients might be.  Social media is a big one.  A lot of people’s clients (because a lot of people generally) are on Facebook now – you’d be better off mastering Facebook marketing, and checking out some of our free videos on Facebook marketing.  You’d also probably be better looking at doing things like flyering, joint ventures, networking, referral programmes…to me, all of those things have a lot more traction than something like blogging.  


Unless you are specifically in the online only space, which most of you won’t be, for me blogging is not your first port of call. You’ve got to look at your ideal client, look at where they will easily see your marketing because they go there a lot, either it’s Facebook or it’s a shop in the local area that they go to a lot where they would see your marketing…or a social event, etc, etc.  Or even something as good and old fashioned as putting leaflets through the door, which still works by the way if you make the leaflets properly, as we would teach you to do.  That can work a lot better than blogging.  So I’m not saying don’t do it, it’s horrendous, I’m saying we don’t do it, therefore I couldn’t tell you how to do it properly and I think you probably don’t NEED to do it to get more clients with the level you’re probably at right now.  



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